Business Plans
Marketing Forecasting & Budgeting
Strategic Marketing & Communication Plans
Management Consulting


Cost-Effective Delivery of Marketing Functions
ROI Tracking of Offline & Online Activities
Competitor Intelligence & Analyses
Marketing Plan Analysis, Review & Recommendations
Comprehensive Monthly Reporting
Marketing Team Functions & Training


Mobile Application Development
Website Development
Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search Management

Business Development & Strategic Marketing

We design, develop and deliver creative end-to-end solutions from revenue-centric websites and mobile applications to business plans and everything digital in between. Marketing is a cross-functional, integrated activity, so we ensure that all channels work together to achieve your business goals. Our expertise is grounded in finance, competitor analyses, advanced lead generation techniques and the latest software applications to
ensure improved ROI of your strategic budget.

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All customer-facing activities should pass at least one of the following criteria: Will it encourage a sale at this moment? Will the potential customer give me his contact information? Will we leave a long-term positive impression with the customer? We’ve got 15 years experience in digital, with an additional 16 years foundation in financial analysis. We laser-focus all activities to increase ROI.



All stakeholders and employees should be well-versed in your company’s key messages and goals. They should know exactly how they are contributing to corporate targets. The use of software and tools should be optimized to achieve wanted results. Customer service should be a priority. Budgets should be based on reasonable cost per acquisition.

Our expertise encompasses
all things digital.

Some of Our Clients

  • French company
  • medical school marketing
  • online graduate school marketing
  • restaurant marketing
  • Maggie Curran LLC Clients