*Start-Up Advisor
*Management Consultant
*Business Plans
*Annual Goal Setting with Metrics
*Customer Pitches
*Marketing Forecasts, Budgets & Implementations
*Strategic Marketing & Communication Plans
*Crisis Communications


*Effective, Practical, Cost-Effective
*ROI Tracking of All Offline & Online Activities- No wasted budget!
*In Depth Competitor Intelligence & Analyses That Work!
*Marketing Plan & Business Plan Analysis, Review & Recommendations
*Analyze & Evolve Team Functions, Effectiveness

Start-Up & Small Business
Strategy & Business Development

You’ve moved beyond Idea Stage, and are building a company. You want to focus on growth, but business plans, strategies, competitor analyses, advertising, social media, PR, communications, and all kinds of other important and necessary functions also need to be done, and done well.

We serve as your VP Marketing, VP Strategy, VP Business Development, your management consultant, marketing manager, and more. Whatever the level of expertise you need, we have the experience and knowledge to work independently and effectively to achieve your goals.

Spending too much money and not sure where to find cost-efficiencies? Our subsidiary Boston Startup Services, can also help. We have a large team of US-based experts who’ll deliver all kinds of SEO, content marketing and social media at unbeatable prices.

We do it all. We design, develop and deliver creative end-to-end solutions.

We focus on Strategy & Metrics. making sure all tactics are bringing you closer to your wanted positions.

We implement bottom-line focused activities, practical business intelligence, and over 20 years experience to support the growth of your start-up, and to ensure an improved ROI for your budget.

Nobody offers the depth & breadth of our expertise.

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Every strategy should meet at least one of the following criteria: Will it support an immediate sale? Will the potential customer be motivated to contact you? Will you leave a strongly positive impression? We’ve got over 20 years experience in business development and financial analysis. We can help to increase your ROI.


Stakeholders, employees & consultants should know your key messages & goals. They should know how they individually contribute. Software & tools should support results. Customer service should be a priority. Budgets should be based on reasonable cost per acquisition. We’ve worked these strategies at a multinational level.

We focus on integrated strategies, metrics & ROI to grow your business.

Some of Our Clients

  • medical school marketing
  • online graduate school marketing
  • Maggie Curran LLC Clients
  • French company
  • restaurant marketing