Email Marketing & Lead Generation – Step Away From the Pack

Email Marketing & Lead Generation – Step Away From the Pack

Honest Tactics for eMail Marketing SuccessWhen it comes to email marketing (which is done to generate leads, of course), it amazes me that otherwise intelligent people will go along with an established way of doing things without questioning its effectiveness.

They’ll get a blog post or article from HubSpot or Mashable or some other widely read source and they’ll digest it all, along with millions of other readers/DIY small business people or self-professed social media marketing experts.

They’ll all start using the same strategies, and the same applications or websites – pretty much at the same time. They’ll all think themselves very clever for not having to pay good money to an “expensive” marketing consultant, but they won’t think about the fact that the source of the information is also in it to make money. They have a very good reason for pointing you in this or that direction. 

Don’t get me wrong. Some of it is good to know, some of these companies offer great services, but when it comes to strategy, you don’t want to follow the crowd.

Let me give you an example. If you’re starving and everybody is running in one direction looking for food, do you run in that direction, too?  Don’t you think that if there were any food over there, that maybe just maybe the pickings would be too slim due to the masses of people fighting over the same food? You’d starve. Wouldn’t it be smarter to find your own food supply by quietly going in a different direction?

So, why would you copy what everyone is doing in terms of marketing? I can tell you that we who do business development and strategic marketing for clients are very quiet about the things that actually work. We don’t like to give it away for free because then we can’t help our clients stand out from the crowd.

It’s one reason I’ve kept a very low profile over these last years. I do a lot of “white label” work for bigger agencies that don’t have the expertise, so I don’t attract attention to myself. I attract attention to my clients.

But since we’re talking about email marketing, let me ask you this:  why are you copying the format of most every email you get in your inbox, most of which you probably delete immediately, ignore entirely or just use to get info and then delete? Or maybe you don’t delete them, but from how many do you actually buy something?

I guess if there are a million emails that go out and 10% get opened, and of those another 10% produce sales, then those 10,000 sales or 1% of a million are worth it. But are you in that 1% or in the other 99%?


Maggie Curran is a seasoned business development & strategic marketing professional with international experience. She’s lectured on marketing at the University of Miami and Florida International University, among many other private workshops and classes online and in person. She’s known for being instrumental in making retired baseball great Sammy Sosa, the “Social Media King” in 2013/14.