For Immediate Release: Announcing Quality Leads and Marketing Services for Law Firms


Heavyweight Boutique Agency Offers Legal Marketing and Business Development

Maggie Curran LLC introduces marketing for law firms, including online lead generation and business development for all legal services, as well as attorney internet marketing

Quality lead generation strategies may include customized, cost-effective solutions, combining Google Adwords pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook retargeting, social media marketing and email marketing, depending on needs and budget. For fastest results, pay per click advertising is always the preferred method to reach potential clients looking for immediate legal help.

“We’ve decided to spotlight attorney marketing because this is a niche that is very competitive, especially for new lawyers or firms who find themselves in immediate need of quality clients. This means mistakes in marketing can be very costly,” explains CEO and President, Maggie Curran. “I know that the legal marketing niche is targeted by unscrupulous agencies, with some bad apples giving the entire branch a bad reputation. We want legal professionals to know that they will be treated with the utmost consideration. Our aim is to create long-term, satisfying business relationships.”

Curran has achieved great success throughout her career by creating efficient marketing campaigns that produce measurable, long-term results. The internet is the largest consumer database to date, so it allows a wider audience within a local area. Because many businesses overlook the option of advertising on search engines, depending on your area, there may be an open market to use to your advantage. The key is to use experienced professionals, who are able to show measurable results.

About Maggie Curran LLC

CEO and President Maggie Curran is best known for her work with Stockholm-based multinational corporation, Ericsson, for whom she managed the very successful ENGINE Internet campaign in 2001. The campaign’s website featured cutting-edge functionality that did not become widespread for another 10 years.

Maggie Curran LLC is a full-service digital agency laser-focused on business development activities for clients through advanced analytics and competitor analysis, as well as over 15 years of global strategic marketing. We enable clients to be strategic with their marketing budgets to generate more and higher quality leads, while improving cost per acquisition and increasing ROI.

The company has also worked with many high-powered international corporations, governments and individuals in virtually every vertical, including marketing that resulted in record-setting sales for a Trump luxury condominium project in Hollywood, Florida.


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