Professional Biography

Current location: I am a digital nomad, willing and able to travel internationally for work.                                

I am a dual national, American and Swedish, authorized to work in the US and in the European Union.

I’m a multi-lingual/polygot (English, Spanish, Swedish, conversational French) business development, strategic marketing and communications professional with experience in many industries.

I spent some years as a financial analyst consultant, doing special projects for Fortune 1000 corporations, which included analyzing contracts, auditing financials, and even tracing millions of dollars in “lost” revenue for a major multinational corporation.

These experiences give me a unique combination of skills that I use to focus on strategy work and business development. I am extremely analytical and focused on creating, improving and updating activities that reduce costs and/or generate revenue.

I have in-depth experience with strategy, marketing communications, marketing management, project management, internal and external communications, crisis communications, strategic digital marketing, online marketing, offline marketing, business development, customer acquisition, account management, metrics & analytics, plus much more. I’ve spent many years in top management positions and consulting with/for executives.

I’ve been a writer for many years, a copywriter and even translate from Swedish, Spanish and French to English for my clients to bring English-language client communications up to fluent, professional business levels that are effective in getting the desired response.

I’ve done a lot of “white label” work for small to medium agencies with well-known clients; boutique agencies that maybe can’t afford or don’t have the robust strategic in-house expertise they need to pitch new clients, to provide new services to existing clients or to expand their capabilities.

As an example, I did white label work for various agencies serving major luxury brands, including hotel chains, as well as other B2B and B2C clients.

Most of my work is confidential and protected by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and NCAs (non-circumvention agreements). I provide trustworthy, discreet white-label, behind the scenes services or even to act as your staff member in order to best serve your needs towards your clients.

I have lectured on strategic marketing at University of Miami, Florida International University Graduate School of Communications, the University of Utah and most recently at Venture Cafe Foundation – Kendall at CIC (fka Cambridge Innovation Center) in Massachusetts.

I’ve worked with TED speakers from different countries, helping them come up with great talk themes, working with them to develop their talks, and then working with them on their deliveries. If you need to do public speaking or presentations, I am fully qualified to provide the guidance you need.

I’ve worked extensively with start-ups over the last four years, first in Silicon Valley, then in Boston. I have written and created dozens of pitch decks, and guided founders with business plans, research, competitor analyses, budgets, forecasts, products/services development and roadmaps, product/service launches, operational planning and development, project management, ecommerce, web & application development, and much, much more. I’ve guided and mentored founders.

I work internationally. This means I’m aware of salary and consulting rate differences in different cities and countries. If you are transparent with me about your budget, while recognizing the value of my expertise, I can work to provide the services you need in a way that is mutually respectful. Please, note that I don’t work for sweat equity.

Email me [email protected] or call my European mobile: +34 631 11 74 29 or Whatsapp/Google Voicemail: +1.305.200.9317.