Resume |CV

I’m looking for inspiring, innovative projects with people passionate about goals and looking to achieve the best possible outcomes. I’m open to consulting either remotely or involving travel.

I support C-Suite level executives in setting and achieving short or long-term goals.

Areas of expertise: Acquisitions, mergers. Business development, Sales/Pitching New Business, Strategic Marketing, Business Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, ROI Analysis, Cost Per Acquisition, Competitor Analysis, writing RFPs (requests for proposals).

Deep knowledge of online marketing/digital services, including Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, lead generation, traffic, analytics, strategy creation (business plans, marketing, communications), implementation of tactics to achieve corporate goals, expanding into new regions or niches, launching new revenue streams, reinvigorating existing revenue streams, finding new customers, supporting sales & business development, competitor and market research, creating marketing collateral materials, creating investor presentations (pitch decks), ghost writing speeches or business articles, developing TED talks, increasing cost-efficiency, improving practices and generally supporting C-Suite in setting goals and achieving successful outcomes.

My ideal opportunities enable me to provide value using my various areas of expertise. I enjoy communicating concepts and strategies to people/customers in an inclusive way. I’ve got many years’ experience in the multi-national world, as well as in smaller enterprises. I’m comfortable navigating many environments. I enjoy developing trusting relationships with clients, helping them find new opportunities to grow their business.

Career Highlights

Acting  VP  Strategy  &  Business  Development,  Groupe Cosmecare, Paris,  France
Expansion into the US market for hair care (colors, straighteners, conditioners, etc.) and hair replacement (wigs, extensions) businesses. Point person for acquisition of US-based company in the New England area, handled due diligence, business analysis, asset acquisition negotiations, asset valuations, etc. Top down departmental review of French companies, making recommendations for cost-efficiency, cost-savings, best practices.

Director of Communications, Research & Development Units, IP Networks, Ericsson, Stockholm

  • Member of corporate management teams for Strategic Marketing, Communications, IP Networks, Internal Communications, Mobile Application Services, and others. Co-managed entire unit of 5,000 persons in 13 countries with 7 other  executives. Responsible   for managing   the communications operations for these 13 countries, which included internal/external marketing, branding, key messages, internet/intranet/extranet portals, and all content production & web development
  • Business planning, business strategy, financial goal setting, key performance indexes measurement, budget responsibility, complete web responsibility- internal and external.
  • Responsible for communications towards 5,000 people in 13 countries of corporate policies, responsibilities, goals, financial information, marketing strategies, and more.

Editor-in-Chief, Internet, Ericsson, Stockholm

  • Project-managed the “ENGINE Campaign,” the most successful and best practices global internet marketing campaign for Ericsson to date; Comprised of three online campaigns: Internet, Intranet and Extranet Portals. Achieved over 1 million unique visitors to the Internet site per week during the campaign period and enormous amount of press coverage with cutting edge technology use.
  • Created & implemented “Customer Administration Tool” – first ever proprietary CRM to be used internally by international sales teams, before SalesForce.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Work extensively with established foreign companies entering the US market, start-ups of all sizes, product launches, marketing strategies, business plans, forecasting, and bringing it all together in effective pitch materials.
  • Ran successful reputation management/social media campaign for former baseball player Sammy Sosa, generating hundreds of articles in the media, growing Facebook Fans from 100 to over 31,000 within days, and dominating Google search results with new images and content, pushing down negative results and effectively controlling the messages prior to his nomination for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013.
    • To develop person-to-person sales experience, sold inexpensive jewelry to cruise ship passengers in Ketchikan, Alaska. Sales total over $150,000 in five months. An eye-opening experience in gaining trust quickly and closing the sale. Performed these activities simultaneously while running online marketing business.
  • Owned  and operated two online marketing  agencies: Market Bakers and Maggie Curran LLC, serving  many  small  and medium-sized clients.  Focus on strategies, business analysis, cost per acquisition, proving ROI of all marketing activities, online and offline. Creating new, customized strategies for lead generation and conversion, website development. My partner and I, in this tiny business with just two outside web developers, generated revenues of US $60,000 in just our third month in business.
  • Presented highly rated workshop at Venture Café Kendall   at Cambridge Innovation Center | CIC  Cambridge:  Strategic Marketing that Grows Your Revenue. (In the heart of the Boston metro area start-up world.)
  • Presented workshop on Making Strategic Marketing Plans and Online Marketing at University of Utah Lifelong Learning Center, Florida International University Graduate School and University of Miami.
  • Extensive hands-on executive management experience. Several years’ experience in crisis management communication, downsizing, reorganization and restructuring.
  • Over 15  years  of  strategy experience at senior  levels in both  Europe and the US. Business Planning, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Communications, Budgeting, Forecasting, Internal and External Communications, Business Development, Management Consulting, Project Management, Digital media, Social Media, Paid Search, SEO, Web Development and Strategic Content Creation.
  • International experience in working in many industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, accounting, insurance, entertainment, travel & hospitality, banking, municipal governments, utilities, European Union Trade Commission, and others.
  • Experienced financial auditor/special projects – many years as a financial analyst consultant
  • Copywriter (many published business articles, advertising copy)
    • Certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing Professional (certified social media and online marketing expert 2009).
  • Fluency in English, Spanish, Swedish and French. Mother tongue is English.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of software, technologies and systems, including WordPress, Magenta, Shopify, web & app development, Microsoft Word/ PowerPoint/Excel, Joomla!, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, PHP, among many others. Confident in quickly learning new software. Built my own PC from scratch.
  • Excellent communication skills, excellent people skills, cultural sensitivity.
    • International experience living and working in Stockholm, Madrid, Rome, Helsinki and Aachen (Germany), as well as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Park City, Ketchikan (Alaska) and San Juan (Puerto Rico).
  • Conscientious, strategic, committed to leadership and/or teamwork (as needed), committed to delivering superior quality. Flexible, able to adapt to new situations quickly. Able to process and incorporate new technologies, ideas or concepts quickly. Believe in balance, harmony and joy in all parts of life.
  • Member of American Mensa, Mensa Spain, Mensa Sweden – the international high IQ society, since 1980. Down-to- earth and committed to creating open lines of communication with everyone.

Work History
2008-present Maggie Curran Consulting, business development, strategic marketing, seminars 2012-2013 Market Bakers, business development & online marketing (joint venture/ owner)
2001-2008: Strategic Marketing, Editor-in-Chief, Director Communications, Ericsson AB, Kista
1997-2001: Financial Analyst Consultant, Beverly Hills, CA

2006-2009: Member FEMANET Project for Gender Equality, European Trade Commission 2005-2007: Founder and chair, Mensa Women Stockholm
2001: Article in Computer Sweden on my global campaign, ENGINE
2011: Member of Miami International University of Art & Design Web Design & Interactive Advisory Panel
2012: Lecture on Online Marketing at Florida International University (Master’s Seminar)
2012: Lecture on Online Marketing at University of Miami (undergraduate) 2014: Lecture on Marketing at University of Utah Continuing Education
2018: Lecture on Strategic Marketing that Grows Your Revenue at Venture Café Kendall, CIC, Cambridge, MA

Western Governors University (Utah) Marketing Management BS
State   University   of  New York,  Binghamton,  New York (BA English Literature)
Pace University, Lubin Graduate School of Business, New York (BA/MBA Finance)
Inbound Marketing University Certified Professional (Certification in Lead Generation, Analysis, Conversion)
Bronx High School of Science, New York, New York (Biology & Romance Languages) a top US school for highly gifted students.