Russia PPC

Russia PPC

We do advertising & marketing in Russia, in the Russian language
Russian PPC! We have now expanded our offerings to include pay per click advertising on Yandex, Google and Rambler – the top web search engines in Russia. Yandex alone owns 60% of the search market in Russia at 150 million searches per day. The market is extremely lucrative and ripe for international businesses, who want to provide products and services.

We provide bid management for free, which includes maximizing the auction prices on the keyword level in line with your advertising strategy and goals. We will maximize the visibility of your ads on Yandex.

Creation of ads, copywriting, graphics, animations, etc. are services for which we charge. We will quote a reasonable proposal to handle your entire PPC campaign from scratch, including optimizing and creating landing pages to support the ads, analytics, and reporting on your campaign.

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